royal league

royal league
23. mai 2020
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21. mai 2020


Welcome to the Battle of the Countries!

Read in detail about the tournament series Battle of the Countries in ENGLISH here


We invite all young players to the international battle!

The battle is organised in two leagues: Royal and Usurper. Check where your team is playing this week. 

Who can play: young players U16 (born 2003 or later and preferrably those who have rating over 1400 on Lichess).
How we play: it is a usual Arena tournament 5+5, but you do not get paired against players from your team
How many can play: any number of players per country
How results get calcutated: Lichess uses 15 best results per team which add up to the team score
How to join: players should join their TEAM first:
When you have joined your team, register to the tournament HERE (under your TEAM)
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